Dublin North / Swords Genealogical Sources Online

Roman Catholic Parish Registers

Parish Baptisms Marriages Deaths
Arran Quay/Glasnevin 1731-1900 1732-1900
Balbriggan 1770-1899 1796-1899
Baldoyle/Howth/Sutton 1784-1899
(None for Baldoyle from 26/12/1807 to 4/7/1824)
Blanchardstown 1771-1860 1771-1899
Clontarf/Coolock/Raheny 1771-1899 1771-1899 1884-1901
Donabate 1760-1899
(None from 24/12/1799 to 8/2/1800)
(None from 29/8/1801 to 9/1/1803 and from 21/6/1867 to 9/2/1869)
Finglas 1785-1899 1757-1899
(None from 19/5/1760 to 27/11/1784 and 22/8/1800 to 12/1/1801)
Garristown 1857-1899 1857-1899
Lusk 1701-1899
(None from 22/11/1834 to 1/1/1835)
(None from 12/1/1801 to 18/3/1802 and 10/11/1856 to 2/2/1857)
Malahide 1856-1900 1856-1899
Naul/Ballyboughal 1832-1899 1833-1899
Rolestown/Oldtown 1857-1899 1857-1899
Rush 1785-1899 1785-1899
Skerries 1751-1899 1751-1899
St. Margaret's 1854-1901 1857-1903
Swords 1763-1899
(None from 27/12/1835 to 2/6/1802)
(None from 7/7/1777 to 2/6/1802)

Church of Ireland Parishes

Parish Births Marriages Deaths
Balbriggan 1797-1889 1852-1939
Balrothery 1782-1888 1845-1899 1782-1888
Donabate 1811-1899 1841-1899
Holmpatrick (Skerries) 1779-1899 1831-1939
Kilsallaghan/Clonmethan/Naul 1806-1899 1847-1917 1817-1884
Lusk 1809-1899 1809-1899 1818-1899
Swords 1721-1899 1793-1863 1725-1899

County Council Interment Records: from 1935 to 1989: (5360 entries)

Holmpatrick (Skerries)
Kenure (Rush)
Milverton (Skerries)
Mulhuddart - starts at 1891 - 1989.
Palmerstown (Oldtown)
St. Margaret's
The Ward
Whitestown (Rush)

Gravestone Inscriptions

St. Colmcille's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Swords
St. Columba's Church of Ireland Cemetery, Swords

Census Substitutes and Other Records

Dog Licenses
Contains names and addresses of about 600 residents in the greater Swords area 1923-24. It covers Swords Malahide, Donabate and parts of rural Fingal and gives an insight in various townland names.

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